The Legacy Of…

Dedication and steadfastness characterize the life and legacy of Georgia Elsie Gregory. Those attributes manifested themselves in her love and appreciation of sacred music. A self-taught musician, Mrs. Gregory shared her talents with members of her family, her church and community.

Georgia E. Gregory’s Commitment

Her dedication to the preservation of the music of the saints dates back to her early childhood in Jeffries, Virginia, when she learned to play the piano by listening to the hymns at church. After moving to Philadelphia, she attended William Penn High School and went on to attend Virginia Union College.  For more than 40 years, Mrs. Gregory directed the Sunday School choir of Nazarene Baptist Church and involved over 800 children in this ministry of music. She exposed her audiences to various forms of church music, including anthems, spirituals, hymns and gospel.

Some of her students were motivated to become choir members, accomplished church musicians, organists and choir directors. Among those inspired by her enthusiasm and passion was her daughter, Joyce G. Drayton, who has served as choir director and organist for the Nazarene Baptist Church for over 64 years and continued the work of Georgia Gregory as Founder of GEGISOM. 

The Start of GEGISOM

In 1984, Mrs. Gregory worked shoulder to shoulder with her daughter to establish Church Musician Services Inc. (CMS, Inc.). This organization recruited, screened and placed church musicians in full-time and temporary positions in religious institutions in the Greater Philadelphia area. Today, CMS, Inc. continues to provide this free informational service both to employers and musicians seeking work.

Georgia E. Gregory believed that sacred music should be practiced ardently and played fervently. In her words “Music heightens and deepens the religious experience. Music bonds the elements of the order of worship service. Music inspires devotion and action, and music glorifies God.” The Georgia E. Gregory Interdenominational Music School is dedicated to her memory and to the contribution of all the unsung heroes and heroines who gave their lives to making music an integral part of artistic expression.  Today, GEGISOM has a diversified curriculum that represents all genres of music styles to serve students who enroll for music and performing arts education. GEGISOM is committed to investing in the academic and artistic development of at-risk inner-city youth, that every child who desires to study the arts in their community has the resources to do so. GEGISOM inspires youth to tell their story through music, dance, spoken word, or drama to discover their strengths, face the many social, emotional, racial, and economic challenges they face every day.  GEGISOM challenges youth to aspire to be leaders and entrepreneurs motivated to give back to marginalized communities mentoring and educating underserved youth. 




Almost 24 Years of Service

In July 2009, GEGISOM celebrated 10 years of providing music training and education, serving over 5500 youth and 350 adults. Providing employment for over 85 instructors who were either college students or college graduates. 72% of our student graduates are now attending an institution of higher learning for music, the arts or education degrees or serving as musicians in religious institutions or other secular venues.  We are so proud of Glenn Simmons, a GEGISOM grad, who is a prominent Disc Jockey in Philadelphia.  Jordan Seamon is another GEGISOM alum who has a succesful career as a recording artist, actor and author of several books we are so proud of Jordan and her educational and artistic achievements.

On  July 14, 2016, “Fifteenth Anniversary Awards Luncheon”  at the Hilton Hotel, City Avenue. We were blessed to have over 200 youth and families share this day with us. GEGISOM students provided the entertainment and we honored outstanding politicians in our community: Pennsylvania State Senator Shirley Kitchen,; State Representative J.P. Miranda and City Councilwoman, Cindy Bass along with our hard-working Board of Directors and volunteers. We thank God.

On July 13, 2019, GEGISOM celebrated (20) years supporting young people and marginalized families in North Philadelphia through arts education and creative curriculums to help students discover their strengths and potential in the arts.  

Over 190 personds attended at the lovely Hilton Hotel (City Avenue) We honored our elected officials who help us each day to deal with the legislative laws that can enhance the quality of living for residents in North Philadelphia. Thank you Congressman Dwight Evans, Senator Sharif Street, State Rep Burgos and Councilwoman Cindy Bass.  Our guest speaker was the renowned community activist, Solomon Jones, thank you Mr. Jones. Guest artist were Duane Eubanks, renowned Jazz Trumpeter whose mother Vera Eubanks served on on-our Board of Directors for several years and Gregory Hopkins, celebrated Tenor.

GEGISOM recognized all youth with awards and specail recognition to alumni youth who are in college or graduated from college. We are so thankful first to God and to the many many partners, friends, family members, churches and youth who have helped us make this journey of hope, of promise, of success by creating safe a safe and exciting learning environment.

Will you help us as we journey into the next phase of growth for GEGISOM, our youth and our community? 


GEGISOM is dedicated and committed to providing cultural arts to our community for today’s’ youth for tomorrow’s music.

20th Anniversary Luncheon

We are planning for the “Twentieth Anniversary Awards Luncheon” on July 13, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel, City Avenue at 12:00 PM.  Adults $65, Youth $30. We are inviting all former students to join us on 7/13/19 and to share their journeys academically and musically.

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