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The Georgia E. Gregory Interdenominational School Of Music (GEGISOM) is a non-profit, faith-based charitable performing arts institution, providing Ballet | Group Drumming | Guitar | Handbells | Keyboard | Keyboard Lab | Modern/Jazz Dance | Music Theory and Composition | Organ (Allen) | Percussion | Piano | Voice | Woodwinds to students ages 2 and up.

GEGISOM offers study in all genres of music and a venue for the training of future musicians for religious institutions.

GEGISOM offers out of school and summer programming for all youth with a focus on at-risk and special-needs youth in the underserved community of North Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods.

GEGISOM, which opened its doors in July of 1999, and is now in its 18th year of operation, was named after Georgia E. Gregory, who served in her church as a musician to the youth for 42 years. Her daughter, Joyce Drayton, now retired, and who has continued to serve as a church musician for 59 years at Nazarene Baptist Church, founded the school to help others be trained on the instrument or dance of their choice.

GEGISOM offers at-risk youth a safe and creative environment for cognitive, social and musical training in all music styles and the performing arts.

GEGISOM also provides adults and seniors a venue for music instruction and offers practicing musicians continuing education in music with an emphasis on sacred music.

GEGISOM is a community music center for families with challenged finances and limited arts resources.